Saturday, March 18, 2017

A 'good' place to live?

Living with neighbors who intimidate your wife, and threaten to kill you and your dog.

Now, let me just clarify. The threat even though it was clearly spoken, does not phase me one bit. As I can tell that the young punk who articulated it, is scared of his own shadow. And even if he meant it, the poor young punk doesn't realize that this 'old man' (as he called me), doesn't fear death (I have had a good and meaningful life, and have nothing to loose).
Why am telling this stupid story that occurred on Thursday? Well, I woke up with the hole scene playing out in my dream. I woke up angry. Angry, because it made me realize the mad world we live in.

Here it goes (I'll give my conclusions about the story later).
On Thursday evening (about 5 pm), I laid down for few minutes because my back was killing me. My wife had returned from work, and as usual (the busy bee she is), she has doing this and that about the house.. She then went outside to her car, with Tony (our dog), following her. Next thing I hear, is her calling me from outside (only the outside screen door was closed). Yes, very slowly (too slowly), I got up to see why she was calling me. One thing I didn't realize then, that I recall now, was that my wife was standing on the door step, almost like she was hiding from the outside. She whispered at me to call Tony inside. So, I step outside, and call my dog to come here (he always listens to me like a good soldier would with his commander, not so much with my wife, she has to work at it). Tony didn't have time to run over (he always runs over when I call him), that a man standing on the side walk of the house next door (holding a small dog in his arms), utters things like: BS, this isn't even your dog, and you don't even speak English (he was still talking to my wife). True, my wife (originally from Peru), speaks English with a South American accent. It somewhat angered me (this feeling of defending my wife), as I stepped in his view and said: 'I speak fucking English! What's your problem!'. That's when he started to spew his obvious hatred on me:'Is this your dog? Keep your dog on a leash old man! You sure took your good old time!'. I couldn't help but answer: 'yes, young punk, it is my dog', as I walked towards him.
Him- '.......People like you... irresponsible...... are a danger..... I will let the association know about this.'
Me- 'Just get going punk, I don't give a fuck about the association.'
Him- 'I'll funking kill you old man'
Me- 'Why don't you give it a try?'
Him- 'If I see your dog again, I'll kill your dog!'
Me- 'And I'll take care of you if you do. Since you are threatening me and my dog, I suggest you don't come near my house again.'
Him- 'I have the right to walk on this side walk whenever I want to!' (the side walk in front of the house is called the 'commons')
The next door lady came out and cooled this out by interjecting, and telling me that yes, my dog once escorted her to her house and because of his size, it is scary.
Regardless, her stepping in did make both of us cool down, and after listening to her, I went inside, and the guy kept going towards the dead end street of Aguacate court.
This ordeal occurred in a Kempton Park association neighborhood. Yes, they are going to say I defame the good name of it. One of the biggest mistakes in my life was to buy a house in an association controlled area. As if there are not enough rules and laws in our lives.
Later that evening, the guy posted on one of the association electronic board his complaint. I then realized that he doesn't even remotely live near me, but at least a 10 minute walk away, a few streets towards the center of the 'community' (called Ruidosa Loop), as I live on Prairie Meadows north side, an area a little bit aside from the bulk of the community, with Kempton Chase pkwy (the main drag) separating it.
When we take my dog for a walk, we go towards the exit of the community, and outside (at least my wife does, as I can't walk more than 1/2 a mile without hurting my knees anymore).
So in the aftermath, I question why this guy deliberately tours the housed areas opposite to his place, instead of heading out towards the outside (1/2 a mile tops to the gate), more so, if he is aggressive with people. (he was verbally aggressive). Come to think of it, he must be scared of his own shadow, and that's why he stays within his 'safe zone'.
My dog his the sweetest and best trained pet around. When I am with him in the front yard, the kids come and play with him. He does however have a very strong attraction to other dogs, and unless supervised by me, will want to go smell them and make friends. And that is what I suspect Tony did to this grown man's small and cute dog. The grown man got scared more than his cute dog, because of the 100 lbs Tony carries (true, he is a good horse for small kids).
I have a great visual memory, and I recall once that someone that was complaining about dog shit on his yard, posted a picture of a cute dog taking a dump, while on leash held by a man (his back). The cute dog (very characteristic ears and color), looked very much like the cute dog of the man. (it just came to me)
So it is quite possible that this man who calls for rules, does not respect his neighbors yards, and I don't recall him carrying any kind of bag to pickup after (even though as far as I'm concerned I don't give a shit, but others might?).

We live in dangerous times. People are scared, crazy, stupid. They are aggressive to others, but yet so scared that they need to feel protected by so many laws and rules, and created this phobic world of control, in so reducing Liberties for the sake of illusory safety.
I am now in my 60's and I recall the change that occurred in society (society if there is any left). People no longer communicate, they walk around with their heads down, afraid to make eye contact, afraid they may have to interact with someone. They now want this box like environment, where Government will protect them. Only an illusion, government only pretends to do so. Where as a family member, friend or neighbor, would have do so in the past. The majority of Americans today, are a shame to their ancestors. The majority of Americans are now Socialists at heart (not knowing the failures of it in history and even in recent events).
The majority of Americans think WE are a Democracy (they were indoctrinated through schools and media propaganda).
Yes, America has become a Democracy.
Democracy (for those who do not quite understand it's principle) is a system where the majority rules, regardless if the rules are good or not.
Democracy is MOB RULE.
And those associations are just that MOB RULE, and suppression of Liberty and compassion.
No need for compassion when we have rules right?
Here's the thing I do recall times where Americans where compassionate people who lived in Liberty, and respected others.
Today's American is a me, me, me, individual. And make rules to benefit themselves.
I do recall when America was called a Constitutional Republic.

The scary dog?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Financial statements still withheld

Copy of email sent to Ne-An Services on February 11th:

The last Financial statement posted was 2011.
Was 2013 completed? I would assume so, since the 2014 Budget has been approved.
Could I please get copies of 2012, 2013?
Also, what is the balance on the loan taken for the entrance work?
Is it paid off?



As of February 13th, still no answer from Ne-An Services.
Is there a problem?
Financial statements should be published on a timely manner, and made public.

Kempton Park Orlando

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Financial statements withheld

In 2009, the Management company finally released financial statements back from 2007.

After the removal of the Board via Recall, the people of Kempton Park finally got info, that should be public.
Today, as the previous group of homeowners took back the Board, the financial statements are again not available. All we have on hand is 2007-2011.
We will see what they will produce once asked to release 2012 and 2013.
They apparently voted a Budget for 2014, so this one too should be of interest.
In Dec 2013, they proceeded to the election of Board members. Very little warning was given for that meeting. They are resulting to their old ways again: Secrecy, or minimal information.
The names of the current board members are unknown at this time.

  • In 2007, $52,347 were spent for Administration? 
  • Over $169,000 in Expenses for 2007? 
  • Miscellaneous income?

Monday, February 10, 2014

A false sense of Security

When entering Kempton Park Orlando escorted by Real Estate Agents, people are being sold a "safe" and "gated community". Either the Real Estate agents are uninformed or are literally lying to the potential buyers.
It is not so, as the gate rarely works, and any one can enter since there are no fences, nor walls.
The entrance wall is just that a decorative entrance wall. And yes, you will see a few fake cameras pointing to the gate and the little shack house that serves no purpose.
About 100 yards North of the gate, there is an entrance where trucks can drive through following the power lines.
As far as entering on foot, any can enter on either side of the gates. There is no guard, and the cameras are fake. One can also enter or escape anywhere through the woods around the community, as there is NO fence or wall. Yeah, maybe a few barb wires low on the ground, that do NOT prevent flocks of Dear from running through and across to travel to next wooded areas.
And then comes the speed at which the residents drive through the streets. The main street used to be a Parking area for visitors, and made it narrower. Today, they "OUTLAWED" visitor parking, and the main street looks like a Highway, encouraging people to drive fast. Your kids are in danger when walking across this drag.

Then on the side streets, speed limit signals are removed by residents (those who like to speed), and it stays that way for months. Keep in mind the HOA collects $820 a year per house, with over 340 houses. You do the math, it should be plenty of money, if it was not wasted or ....

Potential speeders that dislikes cars parked in the streets (becomes too dangerous, children may be hiding behind them) will call the towing company and have your car removed. Since the towing company is highly unethical, they will tow it and say it was parked incorrectly. You will have to pay $120 in fees. Very high fee. Since the towing company works with the HOA, I highly suspect some of the initial board members are getting a kickback from the towing fee.

A quote from a resident dealing with the towing company

"Massive towing driver then threatened to hit me and another family member."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Towing Issue

Between 2005 and 2007, I am not sure when exactly, the HOA decided that the Visitor Parking was no longer necessary.

Along the same wish, the HOA implemented new Parking Rules, excluding parking on the streets between the hours of Midnight and 5 am.
One wheel on the grass "common" in front of houses that residents maintain, will cost you $120 in towing fees, and a trip to: Massive Towing of Orlando, Inc.

When a resident calls them, usually the towing company will remove the vehicle even though it might not always be parked against the said "Rules". A trip should be justified with income, right?

The HOA likes to change Rules on a whim.

Towing Rules prior to 2013 as posted on the "Ofiicial Website":

The towing Rules per the last HOA News letter May 2013. No other has been sent since.

Why elect to live in such a community?

  • In 2005, Kempton Park Orlando had a visitor parking area
  • The HOA changed that with only the participation of a few ruling members
  • Most hoa's give warnings for unwanted vehicles. Not here in Kempton Park Orlando, they will have your car towed just with one call to Massive Towing.
  • Well, the gate in Kempton Park Orlando worked for 2 weeks, and it is broken again.
  • Kempton Park Orlando has a gate, but no walls around it, nor fence. The gate is mostly used as an excuse to collect money for stickers or cards.
  • The hoa at Kemton Park Orlando borrows money without asking residents, then increases the fee.
  • Prairie Meadows North side is missing the 20 mph & Children
    at play signs.
  • HOA meetings are rare, and usually called with a 48 hours warning.

Welcome to Kempton Park Orlando Florida

Kempton Park Orlando Florida

Kempton Park Orlando Florida is a "gated" community in South Chase.

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